Wedding Ceremonies and receptions

The most important day of your life is rapidly approaching. You have the best hall reserved, the perfect photographer, a wonderful wedding dress and sharp looking tuxedos picked out. What are you forgetting?

You need a Professional for your Ceremony sound and a Great Emcee & Entertainer for your reception! 

NOT just a DJ...

Uplights & Monograms

Our professional equipment is....well...Professional! No home stereo's or cheap Radio Shack gear here. It looks great and sounds great. From high quality cordless microphones for speeches and announcements to a beautiful light show to keep people dancing; we'll come prepared for anything.

Holidays & special event parties


Good parties happen because good people know their way around a party. Great parties happen because you've hired a Professional Entertainer who knows their business.

A Great DJ will motivate your Guests to participate whether it is simply a time for a Calm & Relaxing Cocktail & Dinner Hour or time to Get up and Boogie!

With all the planning that goes into a Wedding it is almost certain to overlook certain things, but Great entertainment should be one of the first things to secure when planning a Reception, Holiday Party or Special Event.